Friday, 30 June 2017

Rosie - RIP

Seems to me like the only times I write on this blog are when another hen dies.

Our wee Rosie died last night.  She had been squeaking when she inhales for about a month or so now and was a bit slower walking around the garden compared to the others.

She was a lovely hen, but a bit of a funny one.  When she first arrived she instantly bonded with the top hen Matilda.  She came to us at the same time as our white hen and they had previously been with a rooster, so we had hoped maybe to get some fertile eggs from them, but it never happened.

Rosie never once slept on the perch! She always slept on the floor near the perched hens.  Funny girl.

Rosie had been the top hen for a while now, ever since Matilda passed away.  I suppose Queenie will be the new top hen now, as she is now the oldest, with Bluey and Sunny following along behind.  She too is a kind hen and not too bossy.

Poor Rosie.  She did have an excellent life with us though!