Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Our New Arrivals

We went for a long drive on the weekend and collected two new hens!  We have one new black and one new white Australorp bantams and they are just lovely!  Apparently they have both been with a rooster and so for the next week-or-so their eggs will be fertile!  Oh I would love it if one of the hens became broody, we'd have eggs for her to sit on!!

We decided to give our new hens the same names as our passed away hens.  So here they are:
The new Rosie and Didee!
So far we have noticed that our Scots Dumpy Bizzy Lizzy has flown right up and come down directly onto Whitey Didee's head!  Twice!  So we put her out of the enclosure with food and water so that the three Australorps could have some time together under the house.
I had to go out today and when I arrived home Whitey Didee was perched on top of the drinker - so strange!  Perhaps she wanted to get up high and away from the others?  Then poor Bizzy Lizzy, she couldn't get inside to the nesting boxes so she had to lay her egg outside in a shaded part of the garden.  Then I noticed an egg had been laid by one of the Australorp's on the ground inside the enclosure.  I really don't think our Matilda would suddenly start not laying in the nest box, so it must be one of the new Australorps!  It could even be fertile!
Whitey Didee

It is such a relief to have four healthy hens again.
Here is a photo of all four of them together, under supervision of course.  I must keep an eye on Bizzy Lizzy's head jumping!


  1. I just found out one of my hens passed this morning. This is just the thing I need to cheer me up. Thanks!

  2. How beautiful they are. Congrats!!! x

  3. Congratulations on the new arrivals! They are beauties! I do hope you'll be able to hatch some of their eggs out, how fun!


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