Monday, 11 November 2013

Autumn Sunshine

We have had some crisp and frosty mornings here lately, with the sun no longer reaching to the top of the sky, but the Autumn time is just beautiful and well worth the colder and darker days.
Poor Whitey Didee doesn't seem to get a lot of sun in her isolated pen area, so when I have some time I have locked the others into their run and allowed Didee out on her own to get some sun on her back.

She was sitting on the edge of our thigh-high veg box and suddenly flew up onto my bust!!!  It was so sudden and so funny - she just stayed there, looking at me and then looking at my Mister!
Then she climbed up onto my shoulder to imitate a pirate's parrot!

She had done a bit of preening today and again picked off a bit of scab and was bleeding.  I was able to clear a bit of scab off too and even cleared an exit hole the puss, which has to be good.  We tried to take a photo but this was as far as we got before she flew out of my hands.
Didee is such a tame and fun little bird.  Helping her to get better with now every-second-day cleaning has really made us close and helped me to get to know chickens so much better.  She has taught me a lot and I am so much more confident as a hen keeper.


  1. Didee is gorgeous! What a little character :D x

  2. What a pretty hen , and a friendly one too. Calm hens are the best teachers, aren't they ? Hens like her make it even sweeter and more fun to keep chickens.

  3. What brilliant photos, how funny that she just jumped up on you!

    p.s love your top :)

  4. These are such cute photos! What a sweetheart. PS - I really like your shirt!


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