Friday, 21 February 2014

Colours to tell them all Apart!

We now have three hens that are all black bantam Australorps and it can be difficult to tell them apart from a distance.  It is easy when we're outside with them, as Olive is the smallest and has scaly, lumpy legs.  Queenie is the largest and has an unusual pronged part to her comb, and Rosie is the most confident and always seems to be around us.
The trouble is being able to tell who is who from a distance, knowing who is all by themselves, missing or who comes down the ramp last in the mornings.  So we've put coloured rings on their legs.
Rosie has a red ring - rosy red makes sense
Little Olive has a pink ring - wee baby girl pink

Queenie has a purple ring - purple is an ancient regal colour
Our two new Australorps will arrive on Sunday, and they will be getting a coloured ring too, I've ordered a multipack of assorted rings online.  Thinking up new names that are linked to colours should make name choosing much easier -
Yellow = Daisy, Sunny, Gloria,
Blue = Bluebell, Sky,
Orange = Marigold, Amber,
Brown = Bronwyn,
Green = Verde, Ivy,

Please share if you have any ideas - I'd love some help!


  1. My ladies wear rings, even though they all look completely different to each other. I just think it makes them look like they belong to someone, not to be mistaken for wild, rampaging chickens, lol! X

    Your gals look lovely with their new rings :) x

    1. Thanks Rachy! I like your pet chicken with rings philosophy!
      I wish I'd done it sooner, it makes identifying them so much quicker.

  2. This is a really great idea! I have several Barred Rock girls and it's hard to tell them apart until I get in close. I love the pretty colors you chose for the rings.

    As far as the names, my vote is for Bluebell and Sunny. I just think they are such pretty and feminine names!


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