Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Sun Shines

The sun has been shining today, even though it is still very cold.

The hens have taken the chance to all sit right up against the wooden shed to try and soak up some of the warmth without any wind.  They stretch out one leg and one wing and kind of sit on their sides!  They've loved the warmth today.
We spent some time with them finding worms and slaterbugs for them.  When they grab at a worm they go pick it up in the middle and then whack it onto the ground - seems like they do this to shake off the soil.

...and Rosie

I gave Rosie's bottom feathers a warm bath today, but I took a warm basin of water and 2 cloths and did it outside in the sunshine.  I thought she'd enjoy getting dried in the sunshine but unfortunately she was hunched up and seemed a bit depressed for the rest of the afternoon.  She did snooze up against the shed wall with the others though.


  1. You're hens are gorgeous!!!
    Mine love a bath but they like the blow dry after more, who'd have thought, lol! xx

  2. Sounds like a nice day! I remember the first time I saw one of my chickens laying on her side with her leg stretched out behind her - I totally freaked out! I thought she was injured and couldn't get up. Of course I was relieved to see she was just fine, and now this is one of my favorite things to watch :) They just look so relaxed when they sun bathe.Your chickens are so pretty. And so is that kitty!


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