Friday, 10 May 2013

Eggs, glorious eggs!

Last time I wrote I was secretly putting aside our new hen's eggs, in the hope that someone would go broody.  Sadly nobody has and I would say that by now those lovely little fertile eggs are no longer viable.  What a shame.
But one good thing is that today, for the first time EVER we have finally had one hard shelled egg from every single hen!  We are so thrilled to have four healthy and laying hens!  So I don't mind not getting chicks (for now) because I just love my girls and the wonderful work they do for us.
Bizzy Lizzy our antisocial Scots Dumpy laid her egg on it's own in the second nest box, but the other 3 Australorp eggs are in the left box.  The little white one is from our white hen.

And so to collect these lovely bundles of wonderfulness, I have made a basket.  I bought the little basket bare and saw this sweet hen fabric on the internet and had to make a padded lining out of it.  It even has a matching ribbon!


  1. I LOVE your basket!
    Beautifully fitting for your girls' little gifts x

  2. Pretty!! I love gathering my little gifts!!

  3. That basket is adorable! Congrats on healthy egg-layers! :)

  4. Yay for 4 hard shelled eggs!



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