Friday, 31 May 2013

Secret Nests

I had regularly been getting 3 eggs a day, but the other day it was down to only 2 eggs.  I thought this was strange as all the hens are in lay and I had been thinking that our Scots Dumpy Bizzy Lizzy hadn't been laying lately.  So I looked around the garden for a secret nest but couldn't find one anywhere.
Then I found it today!!!

It was beneath the yew hedge near our shed.  There were 5 eggs stashed away there.

But wait til you hear how I found them!
One of our cats, Mr Darcy was sitting snuggled down under the yew hedge, which is a bit unusual for him.  When I walked towards him he walked out and there were the eggs!  He must have been copying the hens and was lying with his tummy on the eggs!


  1. How funny, ours are doing exactly the same! Last Saturday we only had 2 eggs, normally get 4 a day. I had seen our resident stoat areound so assumed he was stealing the eggs but after stoat proofing there were still none. I went for an investigate yesterday morning and found their new nest in the tall weeds under a hawthorn tree in the wooded bit of our garden with 15 eggs in it!! It was scrambled eggs for tea last night :)

    I wonder if the warmer weather makes them look for somewhere cooler to lay?..


  2. Awwwww, how sweet :X

    Mr Darcy is suitably very handsome :D

  3. I only got 3 eggs today!!!! i usually get 7! Maybe I should look for a secret nest.

  4. Oh, and Mr. Darcy very pretty. I love those blue eyes!

  5. How funny! I can't believe he was sitting on the eggs. Mr. Darcy is so handsome and his eyes are just beautiful!


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