Saturday, 4 May 2013

Foiling their plans


Despite the miserable weather we had yesterday, we were given three precious eggs from our four hens.  I think they are from Matilda - top hen, Bizzy Lizzy our Scots Dumpy and ...wait for it.. Didee!  Yay for a hard shell!  I think it is hers because it is much lighter in colour to the ones that Rosie has laid so far, and it had some yellow yolk on the shell.  This could easily be remnants of her last two soft-shelled lays of recent days.  I saw Didee peck at Matilda's egg to unfortunately, and she cracked it slightly.  So shall have to get outside as soon as possible and remove eggs quickly to deter her from the habit of egg eating.
Matilda our Australorp - we love their big black eyes

Night time

The continuing night time saga where the other hens don't let Didee enter the hen house may be coming to it's end.  Last night we confined them to the area beneath their hen house, so they had no other choice but to let her come up into the house - she couldn't find any alternative - up the ramp was the only place for her to go, and up she went!  Mind you, the two new hens still need to be picked up and put onto the perch at night - and Rosie still jumps off once I leave.


  1. Glad the shell issues seem to be resolved! I think mine are as well, have started mixing the cooked smashed up shells in with the food and it is working!

    None of mine stay on the perch at night...!


  2. Woot! Hard shell, well done Didee!
    Hens never sleep where you want them too, lol! x

  3. Nessa, I also have chickens but have had a run of bad luck last fall and lost all but one to a fox and a neighbors dog. I will be looking to replenish this spring but will have to take the time to read your blog! Thanks

  4. Yay for hard shelled eggs! I'm glad you're figuring out a way to train them to resolve their nighttime issues as well. :)


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