Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Hopes and sunshine!

Shhh - I had been secretly collecting our two new hen's eggs.  Before we got them they had been with a rooster, so it is very possible that their eggs may be fertile.  Today I am putting them into the nestbox just in case any of our hen sees the collection and they decide to go broody and sit on them!
The sun has shone today!  Oh Yay!! Here is a photo of our hens all enjoying the BIGGEST dandelion weed I have ever seen!


  1. I have the reverse situation, three broodies, no fertile eggs! :D x

  2. Oooh how exciting if you got some wee chicks!


  3. That is a big dandelion weed! Wow. I bet they really enjoyed that. I hope one of them decides to go broody for you!

  4. I wish my girls would go broody!!


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