Saturday, 9 February 2013


About 9am this morning both Bizzy Lizzy and Matilda were crowing and pacing up and down, they both wanted to lay an egg.  Bizzy Lizzy got in first and Matilda waited around for her to finish.  I don't know why she didn't just use the other nest box, but she instead waited to use the pre-warmed one that Bizzy Lizzy was occupying.  In the end we got two lovely eggs from our girls, so all that crowing and hoo-ha was worth it.

We let the hens come right out of the pen today and explore the back garden.  My Mister was showing them the underneath side of some seedlings that were covered with tasty little slugs.

Bizzy Lizzy and Didee taking a keen interest in the under-side of a piece of wood.  Even our cat Mr Bingley  thinks he might like to try a juicy slug!
They really loved getting out and about.  Even Didee our poorly hen seemed perkier and brighter today, her comb is a bit pinker today too.  Maybe being confined with the slightly-vicious Bizzy Lizzy was stressing her, and the freedom of the backgarden has meant she can get away and enjoy some peace?

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