Monday, 25 February 2013

The continuing diagnosis of our ill hen

Poor Didee.  She was hunkered down beneath the door ramp today, staying out of the wind.

I brought her inside today to spend some time with me in the warmth.  We sat by a heater and I feed her a mixture of milky bread, wheat and barley seeds and some cheese.  She really loved all of it!  But I think she has a special like for cheese now!
I checked her over for mites, lice or fleas and she looks clean and clear of any parasites.  She feels very thin though, I could feel her sharp breast bone.  I really hope she can fight this illness.

Bizzy Lizzy meanwhile laid and egg and it was still warm when I found it at 7pm - she must have laid it quite late in the evening, as it was already dark by then.

Had to do some repairs on the hen house today, the top part of the entrance ramp had become unattached so my Mister fixed it for them.  Poor hens, I do feel sorry for them in this windy and slightly snowy weather.  It's just so unpleasant for them, but I know they have very good insulation to protect them.  Funny how we attribute human emotions to them.

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  1. Goodness! I hope you can figure out what is going on with Didee soon. Does her abdomen feel swollen or squishy like there's a lot of fluid in there?


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