Thursday, 21 February 2013

Red lines and a Bouncing Rosie

We had one egg from our Scots Dumpy Bizzy Lizzy this morning and when I came home from my errands there was an egg from Matilda too!

Strangely though, both today's and yesterday's eggs from Matilda had red blood lines on them, running from the small end and down towards the wide end.  Oh I do hope she's ok.  It would be a shame if laying eggs were hurting her.  Also, at the wide end Matilda's eggs have little calcium bubble-lumps on them.

Come to think of it... sometimes I have seen her vent hole protrude outwards when she is squeezing her muscles  like her in-ies are coming out-ies.

Didee and Rosie our blue Orpingtons have got muckie bums again!  And Rosie has that orange caecal poo all over her feathers!  Yuck.  Another warm bath for those bottoms.  Didee is still hunched and pale...

Rosie our blue Australorp with a very wet undercarriage from the damp grass - very amusing little hen though!
But I did see one of the funniest things yesterday.  We had tied up some cabbage leaves to the roof of their cage and they jump up to peck at it.

But Rosie sort of bounces like a beach ball - down, up, down.  She is so sudden and straight.  Just so funny and really sweet.  Very different to Matilda the Australorp's way of leaning onto one leg and leaping with one leg going out to the side for balance.  Rosie was looking much perkier yesterday and tonight she was doing a lot of nestling into the woodshavings on the floor of their house instead of going onto the perch.

She was sort of scuffling about making a hollow...... maybe we have another hen coming into lay...? :-)


  1. I sure hope Didee gets better soon! I wonder what is ailing her. Hmmm. Sometimes I do get blood spots on the outside of my eggs, too. Guess sometimes they get a little tear when laying if the egg is large or hard to lay.

    1. So true - and they are young hens going through their first lay so it may take a while for their bodies to get used to it all.


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