Saturday, 2 February 2013

They're putting themselves onto their perches now!

Last night the two hens at the top of the pecking order (Matilda the Australorp and our no-named Scots Dumpy) both put themselves up onto the perch for the first time!  I only had to put Rosie and Didee onto the perch this time.

We had two eggs in the same nest box today.  One is small and white (the Scots Dumpy's egg) and the other was medium size and a milky-tea colour.  Definitely different to the brown speckly egg we think is layed by Matilda.  I wonder who our new layer is?  We think there are three hens now laying.

I was eating an apple whilst watching the hens and dropped the core - and all of a sudden a black and white blur came running towards me, collected the core in her beak and then raced away again to keep her treasure all to herself in a corner.  SO funny!

Today the two Orpingtons seemed more active than they usually are.  They were pecking and walking around a lot more.  Perhaps it is the slightly sunnier day we had today.  Anything is better than snow and frost.

Our hen Didee who is third in the pecking order decided to brave the wrath of the others and went up the ramp first tonight.  Despite blocking the entrance, Matilda and the Scots Dumpy managed to push past her.  Rosie tried to shove past too, but instead Didee kindly moved out of the way for her.  Then the Scots Dumpy wouldn't let her in at all, so she went back down the ramp.  The Scots Dumpy followed her down and stopped for a nightcap and her supper, so Rosie saw her chance and got up the ramp very quickly.  Once the Scots Dumpy went back up into the house there was lots of squawking and fussing, and when I opened the door to have a peek they were all four of them sitting on the perches!!!!  I am so impressed! I definitely don't think I will have to put them on myself anymore.  Ah, ma wee hens are growing up!

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  1. How exciting! It's nice when they figure things out :) Now they will be pros at perching at night, when they aren't fighting for spots on the roost that is :) But my chickens still do that every night!


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