Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Treat went down a Treat

The sun was out a little bit today!  The two Orpingtons were enjoying it - they were fluffing themselves up and burying themselves as deep as possible into the dry, kicked-up moss!  It was so lovely to see them enjoying life.  Didee (in the foreground) looks a bit perkier today - comb slightly pinker.

Matilda and Bizzy Lizzy were squawking amongst themselves to see who would get to lay their egg box first in the house.

A new treat that went down a treat - My Mister soaked a slice of stale home-made bread in some milk and they just loved it!  Will definitely remember that for every stale slice we end up with.  Home made bread does not seem to last as long as shop-bought but we find that a positive really. Would rather not eat the preservatives anyway.
 Bizzy Lizzy was acting like a bit of a two-year-old with it though, she'd get a piece, then when she saw one of the others enjoying a piece of their own she suddenly dropped hers and headed over to snatch their piece!  Always wanting the toys that the other children are playing with.  But Didee and Rosie outsmarted her -they take a piece and then turn their tails towards her.  They're so big and fluffy that Bizzy Lizzy can't see past the feathers to notice if there's anything in their beaks.  Resilient little Orpingtons.

Two eggs this afternoon - they were still warm when I collected them.

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  1. My chickens go crazy over bread! They love it. Glad to hear Didee is looking better.

    Don't you just love collecting warm eggs? It always makes me smile.


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