Thursday, 31 January 2013

A new playground

The Scots Dumpy was first out of the house this morning.  I opened the pop hole at 8am and they were squawking to get on with their day.  The two Orpingtons seemed to struggle with balancing on their way down the ramp, they seem too heavy for their little feet and take the ramp cautiously.
All four of them went straight to the drinker but somehow Rosie who is at the bottom of the pecking order was left out so she just waited for a turn behind them.  I think I will reposition the drinker so that they can all get to it at once.
Next up was a feed - hopefully they'll get a little bit of the Flubenvet into them today - and then they all spent the next wee while preening their bellies - vain little things.
There was a slight frost this morning and it was very cold.  Only the Scots Dumpy ventured out from the roofed run and entered the caged area.
Today I was able to spend a lot of time watching ma wee hens, so we decided to let them out of the roofed run and into the netted pen area for the first time.
Matilda the trailblazing Australorp 
The Scots Dumpy follows suit
Now Didee is coming out to explore the fresh grass

Rosie took ages to build up the courage to come out and explore their new playground.  For a long while she seemed to want to come out and join the others but she couldn't find the door.

At last all four hens are out, enjoying their frosty, new playground

The Scots Dumpy came out second after Matilda our Australorp.  But later she went back in and then paced up and down the wires pecking the walls, trying to find the door to come out again - dumb wee dumpy!
They threw a lot of the pellets out of the feeder with their beaks today, so perhaps they don't like the medicine?  Oh well, hopefully they got some into their systems.

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  1. They look like they are enjoying themselves! You've got some beautiful girls :)


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