Sunday, 27 January 2013

Mystery of the eggs are solved

It snowed and then rained all day today.
Our blue orpington bantam hen named Didee
When we got home at lunch time I went out to check on them and there were two eggs!  This was my first time finding the eggs myself.  Yay!  One was small, white and a bit shiny and the other one was slightly longer, matt, rough with a few pinky spotty bumps on it.  So of course I had them both for my lunch. Mmmmm
Looking at the eggs, I'd say that the Scots Dumpy lays the little, shiny, white eggs and the Orpingtons lay the light brown ones, and the Australorp must lay the milky-tea coloured egg.  I think that it's Didee who is our brown egg layer, her comb and wattles are so much redder than Rosies.

Our Scots Dumpy still hasn't got a name yet.  Today she spent a lot of time inside the hen house, so she must be the other layer.  The Scots Dumpy headed up the ramp first at bed time, then she wouldn't let Didee inside.  Didee tried twice to get past her but was pecked repeatedly for it.  Then Matilda our Australorp came up the ramp, bypassed Didee and went straight in - she's a gutsy little hen.  Didee quickly followed in after her.  When I went out to shut the pop hole door the four of them were all crammed into a cuddle right at the door step!  I had to pick them all up and put them onto the perches.

I looked up some chicken health websites and they've suggested the orange poo I mentioned on yesterday's post could be a parasite or worms and to use Flubenvet or Solut to go in the water.  I have seen Flubenvet but never heard of the other one, so I'll get some and give it a try anyway.


  1. Didee is so cute! I love her gorgeous feathers. Congrats on finding two eggs! I bet you were so excited. I always get excited when I check the nesting boxes :)

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, it was VERY exciting! I wish I could just watch them all day!


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