Sunday, 20 January 2013

We have Photos!

I went out to visit ma wee hens this morning and they greeted my sudden appearance at the door with confusion. Why didn't I have any seeds in my hand, ready to scatter amongst the floor bedding?  I think I shall have to break them of that expectation pretty quickly.  I then went around and opened up the nest box lid to see if any eggs had appeared overnight when all of a sudden the Scots Dumpy who had been sleeping there jumped up and ran straight towards the newly opened door and escaped down the ramp.

Running a bit late today, so not enough time to take photos this morning, but when we got home it was still light enough to take a few shots of them in their house.

We decided to open up the caged area of their run, as we were now there to supervise, and were even able to hand feed them!  This is so exciting!

The black Australorp was the first to venture into the new area.
They all began happily pecking around on the ground for seeds.
 The Scots Dumpy was scratching up a grass storm!  So funny - she scratches with one foot then the other before taking a peck at the ground every time! Scratch scratch peck, scratch scratch peck.
 It must have been her who kicked up all the moss from the grass within their house yesterday! Can you see inside the wooden structure all the moss that's been lifted?  We didn't put that in there - two days ago it looked exactly the same as the green grass inside this caged area.  So funny!
 They all took themselves up the ramp to bed, but nobody put themselves onto the perch, so I lifted them all up.  Wonder how many times I am going to have to do this until they get the hang of it themselves?  The Scots Dumpy kept jumping off, so I left her alone.

When I peeked in later, the Australorp and the two Orpingtons were on the perch, with the middle Orpington covering the other two with her wings! Soooo sweet! The Scots Dumpy was on the ground very near to them though, so I am sure she was being kept warm enough too.

No eggs today.

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