Tuesday, 29 January 2013

We have a Pecking Order!

We had an egg today!  Yay!  It was a smooth, shiny, white one and we think it's from the Scots Dumpy.  We saw Matilda the Australorp pecking at the Scots Dumpy today so this confirms that she is the head hen, with the Scots Dumpy coming in second, then Rosie the paler-necked blue Orpington and lastly at the bottom of the pecking order is Didee, the blue Orpington with the darker neck.
Pecking order, starting clockwise from top, Matilda, Scots Dumpy, Rosie, Didee

We still have runny orange poos on the floor of the hen house - they're a lighter shade of orange though.  Does anyone know what this could be?  The Flubenvet arrived today so they'll start eating that in their feed tomorrow, so hopefully that will help.
When I put them all up onto their perch in the evening, the Scots Dumpy again jumped up herself - I think she just doesn't want me to do it for her.  Wee cheeky besom.


  1. Once a day or so, chickens excrete a runny, slightly orange cecal poop. It's perfectly normal; quite smelly and messier than the regular poop. New chicken keepers often worry about it. That might be what you're seeing.

    1. Thanks so much for your help Terry. I'll look up cecal and learn more. Hens are so wonderful aren't they - I'm learning new things all the time.


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