Friday, 25 January 2013

Let it Snow!

It snowed last night and it was still on the ground this morning when I let the hens out of their house.  But they stopped at the doorway and wouldn't step a foot onto it!  So funny.  We couldn't even tempt them out with some suspended cabbage leaves or some wheat seeds!  Chicken chickens!

We had two eggs today! One is a bit speckledy and matt whilst the other one is white and a bit shiny, the same as the previous eggs.  We're still not sure who our new layer is - but I did spot a Scots Dumpy feather in the nest box?!

We've decided on names for our two Orpingtons.  We're naming them after my Mum - Rosie and her sister (my Aunt) - Didee.  Mostly because they're big, they waddle slowly, they're grey and they're always together.

And this is ROSIE
I'd like to introduce you to DIDEE
At bed time the Scots Dumpy went up first, then Matilda, who then wouldn't let the other two Orpingtons into the house once they'd got to the top of the ramp.  Rosie (the Orpington with the lighter neck feathers) tried to get through but she got pecked three times and a wing feather was pulled out!  Then Matilda flapped her away with a wing twice!  Then Didee (the Orpington with the darker neck feathers) tried to go up but she gave up.  Then Rosie tried again and she was allowed through the pop hole this time, then Didee saw her chance and quickly followed in behind her.  When I went to close the door and pick them up to put onto the perch they were all sitting at the door way still!  They're so funny.

The Scots Dumpy got onto the perch herself tonight - Yay for progress!  I had to put the others on, and both the Orpingtons jumped off and need replacing.  Naughty wee things.

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