Monday, 21 January 2013

Hens introduced to Cats

I have had to work today, so didn't get home until it was almost dark. But of course I went out to see ma wee hens before they took themselves up to bed.  All the magazines suggest giving them a small handful of wheat and seeds before they go to bed to help keep them warm during the night and to fill up their gizzards before bed.   So I reached my hand into the cage with some seeds for them, but the Scots Dumpy didn't come into the caged area for seeds at all.  She just went up the ramp, then down the ramp, up then down.  Such a funny thing.  The other three fed out of my hand - it was such a nice feeling!
Scots Dumpy and Australorp

Two blue Orpingtons

These are the Mister's observations from today:

  • When he opened the door he found all of them on the perch, except for the Australorp who had waddled over to greet him
  • First down the ramp was the Australorp
  • Our two cats met the hens for the first time!  They had a good look at the hens through the window first but then the cats got a bit bored with them.  When the cats were let outside, one of them was a bit astonished at first by the sight of chickens close up (with the cage was still separating them).  All of the hens huddled together and stood staring at our cat.  When the cat suddenly rushed towards them they all four scattered into their wooden roofed run for protection, but they didn't stay there long.  Both cats seemed to get along with them and soon got back into doing their own cat-like things
  • Colin tried them on a few bits of lettuce but they weren't interested
  • Australorp was croaking a lot today and spent most of the morning inside the house
  • later found our second egg in the nest box!

Possible names:

Queenie   Jumpy   Scratchy   Becky-pecky   Bubsy   Lizzy  Mary   Minnie   Penny   Maddy   

Matilda  Vegemite   Winnie   Daphne   Doris   Bessie   Mary & Martha   Daisy & Maisy

What do you think would make a good hen name?

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  1. We have decided Matilda would be a great name for our little Australian breed. Yay! - one named, three to go.


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