Saturday, 19 January 2013

First day

It was so windy last night - I woke up in the night and looked out of the window just to check that the hen house roof was still attached. - First time mother being overprotective.

This was my first morning being a hen mother and I couldn't wait to go out and start my new morning routines.  When I opened the hen house door to say 'good morning' they were all huddled into the furthest away nesting box.  I removed the water and the wet shavings that they'd spilled - won't be doing that again.  I put out their layers pellets and water inside their run and then opened up the pop hole for the first time... but nobody came out.  Maybe it' still too dark?  The Scots Dumpy seemed to be busy getting in and around and between the other birds, so I hope she'll be ok and not get squashed, as she is the smallest.

They had a lot to do today: explore their new home, get used to one another and establish their pecking order.  Sadly we couldn't be here to watch them as we had previously committed ourselves to other plans for today.

When we got home the grass on the ground had been completely kicked up!!!  They'd also torn up all their bedding inside the home!!  But at least they were all inside the house - they'd put themselves to bed.  The perch had been knocked out of it's holding brackets so we'll have to get them permanently affixed somehow.

Within the first five minutes of checking on them in the semi-dark the Australorp pecked the Scots Dumpy and the blue Orpington had shoved her into a corner and then dived in head first underneath her and scooped her up and over her back!  They are going to be so amusing and entertaining little girls!

And we got our first egg!
After typing this I went out to check on them and to put the food away in the shed (don't want to attract any rodents).  I carefully peeked inside and saw the two Orpingtons side by side with the Scots Dumpy hunkered down underneath them - it was so sweet!  Poor little Australorp was all by herself on the far side of the house.  Oh I do hope they become friends soon.

I wish we didn't have plans this weekend, but unfortunately we do, and by the time we got home today it was too dark to take any photos.  We're away all day again tomorrow but I'll try and take some in the morning.

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