Saturday, 26 January 2013

Poo worries

I got to spend the entire afternoon observing ma wee hens and enjoyed every fascinating minute of it.  The poor things still didn't venture out onto the snow despite my Mister scraping out a patch for them.  He then tied a cabbage leaf to the cage roof that was really close to their door to encourage them to venture out.  And out came Matilda and the Scots Dumpy to have a go at it.  Then we saw it ... the Scots Dumpy put two feet into the snow!!  Brave little girl she is.
Blue Australorp bantam named Didee

Our still un-named Scots Dumpy bantam

We had no eggs today - is it too cold?

I cleaned out the poos from under their perch and noticed one of them was very orange-y.  I'll have to check in my chicken magazines to see what this could mean.  Maybe a parasite or a worm.  Could anyone help me out?
Are these chicken poos normal?
My Mister did the night run this evening and had the two Orpingtons Rosie and Didee stayed on but both Matilda and the Scots Dumpy jumped off and had to be replaced, but the Scots Dumpy was stubborn and wasn't having any of it, so he just let her sit on the shavings covered floor.  Do you think this is okay?

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