Monday, 28 January 2013

Jumping for Cabbage

They came out of the house searching for food today with a strong appetite so my Mister gave our four bantams the chance to jump for cabbage leaves attached to the roof of their cage today and they loved it - even the two Orpingtons were jumping up for it - such a funny sight to see their blue fluffy bottoms leaping into the air.
Didee and Rosie our blue Orpington bantams

By the time I got home it was already dark so I had the privilege of watching them take themselves up the ramp.  Our Scots Dumpy went up first then after a few minutes Matilda the Australorp was followed by Rosie one of our blue Orpingtons.  Didee the other blue Orpington was last.  When I peeked in the door they were all cuddled up near the closed pop hole so I put them onto the perch myself, but the Scots Dumpy got the idea and lept on herself.

One of the Orpingtons has really orange/terracotta poos - like a caramel spread, and it's really claggy.  I have ordered the Flubenvet worming powder so hope it arrives soon.  I think it's Didee.  The other poos all seem okay, Matilda's are very white, but this is normal, the white parts are like their urine.

No eggs today.

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